Agia Aikaterini

Agia Aikaterini

The temple of Agia Aikaterini can be found at the Northwest section of the Ano poli area of the city, following “Olympiados st. near the Byzantine Walls.

Built in 1320 A.D., the church is obviously smaller and much quieter compared to the city’s famous churches, thus offering to the traveler a different, more relaxing experience.

Ornate stonework and Byzantine craftsmanship

Important 14th century frescoes can be found inside the building, while one of the main characteristics is the elaborate stonework on the exterior walls that aesthetically reveal each architectural element of the temple.

A closer look around the main structure will reveal the detailed, brightly colored marbles, something quite rare for the Byzantine standards. The decorative elements on them were popular during the late Byzantine period.

The beautiful decoration on the inside is of special interest, as it had been covered by the Turks after the temple’s conversion into a mosque. During 1946 – 1951 a number of restoration efforts took place on the interior, revealing important fragments of older frescoes that remained hidden for centuries.

  •  The site is within walking distance of the city center so there is no need for taking a bus or calling a taxi. Its an ideal destination after visiting the churches of Agios Dimitrios or Profitis Ilias. Next stop; Byzantine walls!!
  • Celebration: November 25



Ious 2, Thessaloniki 546 32


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