standard-title Kastoria


Kastoria is a well promising destination. It provides the opportunity to combine a visit to the largest Fur market of the country along with some breathtaking sightseeings such as the dragon cave, the Neolithic settlement near the small village of Avgi or the Petrified Forest near the village of Nostimo. If you prefer a different, more relaxing experience we suggest you to devote some time on exploring the nearby lake.

Majestic landscape and view

A tour around the lake will reward even the most demanding visitor. The small round makes you think you’re in a boat, since the road is at the level of the lake. The large round will reward you with some breathtaking views of the city. The lake reflects the surrounding landscape in such an extraordinary way that sometimes you cant really distinguish reality from the idol. Kastoria is 140km away from Thessaloniki.

  • Following the modern Egnatia highway system your trip will be pleasant and safe. Like most Greek cities you can easily find some coffee shops and well decorated traditional taverns on the center of the city.

Map and photos of Kastoria

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