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City info | Getting There | What to visit | Shopping | Restaurants | Going outWhy we Love this city

The City

Thessaloniki is considered to be one the most vibrant and culturally interesting cities of  Greece. Second largest city, after Athens, it is a popular destination for all people who love Greece, travelling and  historical, cultural, religious tourism.

Thessaloniki is also a very alive student city and a popular Erasmus destination for many European students and was awarded European Youth Capital in 2014. With a history that spans centuries, a very rich culture, urban and nature landscapes blended together, vast entertainment options and an amazing cuisine, it’s a not-to-be-missed european destination!

Out of an endless list of “to-do’s and to-see’s”, one can choose among taking a stroll at the city’s recently renovated and internationally prized Waterfront, exploring the small paved alleys in “Ano Poli” (Upper Town) staring at the unique view of the city, drink a coffee in one of the city’s numerous cafes by the sea, visit some of the 22 interesting museums, enjoy a couple of the country’s most delicious dishes at Ladadika area and last but not least observe Thessaloniki’s residents who are known across the country for their loose attitude towards life itself.

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Don’t forget to have a drink or two together with the locals in Valaoritou area and of course, take a long walk on the paved alleys of the Jewish market near the famous Aristotle Square; this walk will be unforgettable.

City info

Population : 790.000
Currency : Euro
Language : Greek

Shopping hours: 9:00 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 21:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, stores are open from 9:00 to 14:30. Shopping centers and many large stores and malls do not close at noon. Shops are also open on specific Sundays throughout the year.


Emergency Phone Numbers:
All emergencies (european emergency centre)   112
Local police   100
Medical emergencies   166
Fire station emergency   199


Getting there

Thessaloniki’s airport, Macedonia (SKG), accommodates frequent flights from national and international destinations. From there you can reach the city by bus, taxi, or using Private transportation directly to your hotel.

Check out our Flight Search Engine for the best value flight to Thessaloniki, including all low cost companies.


Thessaloniki is now connected to many European cities through direct flights offered by low cost airlines. Companies like Ryanair and EasyJet include the city in their destinations.


If you prefer using public transportation, there are bus routes available that connect the airport to the city center;  Click here for the Official OASTH website.

Moving around – Transportation

The ideal way of discovering Thessaloniki is on foot, as it is an absolutely walkable city. Visit the Old Town, the center of the town, the port and of course the Waterfront and Nea Paralia with the great sunset views. These are only a few of the many places in Thessaloniki one can discover on foot and a really great way to spend your day.

Buses: Taking a bus is the best way to move inside the city except when visiting the Upper Town (“Ano Poli”) and the Castles area. You can buy a ticket for a single route (1,00€ /0.50€ for students), a 70 minute two-ride ticket (1.20€/ 0.60€ for students), a 90 minute three-ride ticket (1,50€ / 0,80€) or a 120 minute 4-ride ticket (2,00€/1,00€).

Tickets can be bought at the outlets of OASTH (Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki city) and the kiosks scattered all around the city (“períptera” in greek). You can also buy a ticket from an automatic vendor inside the bus, with slightly higher fares – be sure to keep in mind that the automatic vendor doesn’t give back change.

For a more complete experience, we recommend you using the Cultural Transfer Line of OASTH, which will enable you to visit some of the major tourist attractions of Thessaloniki (2,00€/1,00€).

Car Rental: One can rent a car to move around and outside the city individually – visit the museum and planetarium Noesis or one of the biggest malls in Balkans, “Mediterannean Cosmos” for shopping or or catching a movie on a huge VMAX screen.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy your coffee in one of the boats stationed right next to the White Tower. Especially during a sunny day these “floating bars” will offer you a wonderful mini cruise on the Thermaic Gulf.

Take some time to check out all the nearby destinations that you can visit, such us Chalkidiki, with its crystal clear waters. the Royal Tombs and The Macedonian Museum in the city of Vergina or the museum of Pella, both or exceptional historic importance, visit the beautiful lake Kerkini in Serres or even go fur-shopping in Kastoria. There are also many options for skiing, if you are a sports type visiting in winter, such as the ski centers of  3-5 Pigadia, Kaimakchalan or Seli.

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Must See

Museums and Monuments

White Tower of Thessaloniki
Phone : +30 2310 267 832

Archeological museum of Thessaloniki
Address : 6 Manoli Andronikou Street, Thessaloniki, Greece
Phone : +30 2310 830 538

Museum of Byzantine Culture
Address : 2 Stratou Avenue, Thessaloniki 54640, Greece
Phone : +30 2313 306 400

Ataturk Museum
Address : 75, Apostolou Pavlou St, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece
Phone : +30 2310 248 452

Areas to walk & visit

The multi awarded Nea Paralia area is one of the favorite spots of both locals and visitors! Cease the day and discover it’s thematic parks before a beautiful sunset…

Galerian Complex, City walls, Coastal Avenue, Port, Ladadika,Ano Poli, Historical City centre, Nea krini (Kalamaria), Aristotelous Plaza, Nea Paralia.

Taverns, Restaurants and Food Culture

Scents and flavors

Thessaloniki is a famous destination for every food lover because of the wide variety of options available.  After a flavor trip throughout the city you will realize that this is the point where West meets East!

Traditional Greek cuisine along with many Balkan and Eastern influences will offer you a unique dining experience. This wonderful mix of so many recipes and flavors along with the traditional cuisines is what makes this city unique when you are hungry!


Many traditional taverns can be found all over the city, especially in places like Upper Town or Athonos Sq,. Some more sophisticated restaurants can be found at the well known Ladadika, while in certain areas like Kalamaria you’ll have the chance to enjoy fresh fish and seafood as well as famous Greek dishes and international cuisine.

Sit down restaurant meals are offered all along the bay and there are endless options. You can find gluten free travel tips you can by checking out Four Seasons of Travel website!


Fast Food

If  you are interested in exploring the Greek fast food culture you will discover that it is incredibly rich and delicious! Apart from the traditional Bagels, you should definitely try Mpougatsa for breakfast. Mpougatsa is a delicious sweet pie filled with cream and served with flour sugar and cinnamon. It’s the perfect way to start your day (along with coffee of course…) . You can continue your gastronomic journey later by trying the traditional Gyros or Souvlaki which can be found in every corner of the city!

I want something sweet….!

Last but not least, the city has some of the most famous bakeries and patisseries in Greece! Be sure to check the triangular cream filled pastry called Trigona Panoramatos and of course the beloved Tsoureki which is a sweet, egg enriched bread offered in countless variations like filled with chestnut cream and covered in white chocolate! Of course this is just the beginning. There are way too many sweet creations available inspired from Ottoman, refugee or traditional Greek recipes!

Shopping in Thessaloniki

You should definitely visit Tsimiski Avenue in the city center. It is by far the most popular commercial street of Thessaloniki with hundreds of fashion stores and boutiques. Many famous brands have their local outlets there. A good alternative would be “Mitropoleos” st. located on the south of Tsimiski Avenue.

Going out

Lets have a Drink!

Nightlife in Thessaloniki is intense with destinations to suit all tastes! Whether you prefer a cozy bistro, bar or nightclub you’ll be more than satisfied.

When it comes to going out in Thessaloniki, there are countless options, depending on what you are looking for. Ladadika area and Bit bazaar are some of the most popular places as far as bars, pubs or traditional little taverns are concerned. Several small taverns and cozy bars with wine, retsina and beer lie all around Rotonda near the Aristotle University, massively frequented by the student community.

A couple of alternative destinations would be the vibrant, full of music waterfront avenue Leoforos Nikis or, in the west of the city center, the popular “Valaoritou” st., which is full of all kinds of bars and afterhours. In case you will visit the city in the summer, an excellent option would be one of Thessaloniki’s rooftops!

Why we Love this city

After spending some time in Thessaloniki and having “devoured into” the colors, the smells, the cuisine, the culture, the landscapes, the liveliness and presence of the youth, the endless amusement options, festivals, concerts, theaters, the history that lies on every inch of the city… one can start to realize the reason why Thessaloniki holds a special place in the hearts of locals and why it is a favorite destination for visitors.

The White Tower area and the waterfront parks of Thessaloniki is an ideal destination if you wish to take your time and enjoy a wonderful sunny day!

  • The mix of so many different cultures and civilizations have over the centuries transformed Thessaloniki into a cultural and spiritual center that became their new home and embraced their legacy.
  • We whole-heartedly hope you can have opportunity to enjoy all this during a visit to our city and that you profit from all the info we have carefully gathered on our website!

Keep Travelling!!

Inthessaloniki.com Team



Thessaloniki White Tower (Center)

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