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Halkidiki is definitely one of the favorite destinations of everybody living in Thessaloniki.

Located less than a hour away it is considered an ideal escape for your vacation or just for the weekend! It offers countless destinations for every taste!

Many visitors from all over Greece and the Balkan countries also spend their summer vacations here while exploring some of the wonderful small villages and countless beaches that wait to be discovered.

Hundreds of places some of which could be considered hidden paradises are spread all over the peninsula offering crystal clear sea and wonderful natural beauties. The famous wineries along with the traditional gastronomy and flavors of Halkidiki will surprise you!

If you are interested in sightseeing Halkidiki is full of archaeological sites and historic places of great importance. The ancient city of Stagira, the birthplace of the Greek philoshopher Aristotle and Olynthos, the first city built with the Hippodamian grid plan are some of the most popular.

The capital of Halkidiki, Polygyros is located to the center of the prefecture. It is the administrative center and the most populated area of the prefecture.

Whether you want to chill out or enjoy your coffee at a popular beach bar, Halkidiki is the place to be!

A hidden paradise to discover

Graphical taverns and traditional restaurants, countless beach bars and clubs, coffee shops and various other selections are available in Kasandra the first peninsula. Nea Kallikratia, Afytos, Kallithea, Chaniotis and Pefkohori are some of the most beautiful and popular destinations that definitely deserve your attention.

If you seek a more relaxing experience, the less developed Sithonia the second peninsula is just the place for you. While more quiet and sophisticated in many aspects it is also considered ideal for family tourism.

Mount Athos (Agion Oros) is a different, more spiritual experience for everyone who wishes to discover this unique monastic center and the treasures it holds. Everything around you will make you feel like travelling back in time to the religious heart of the Byzantine empire.

Halkidiki is accessible by car through a well-organized highway system connected to Thessaloniki while the majority of the destinations are also accessible by boat. Another relatively cheap and reliable choice is the regular bus transportation lines known as “KTEL”. Almost every destination is covered as there are many routes available on a daily basis.

  • For all those who wish to visit Mount Athos, the most impressive way by far is by helicopter! Since there is no road link, the majority of the monasteries can be reached only by ferry. The last stop before Athos is the village of Ouranoupolis.

Map & photos of Halkidiki

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