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Being by far one of the most spectacular and beautiful areas, Meteora is located in Thessaly, Central Greece, a little more than 215km away from Thessaloniki.

As the name of the area itself means “Suspended in the Air” we can easily understand why these Byzantine creations along with the surrounding natural beauties are truly unique.

Enchanting landscapes and beautiful monasteries

Back in the 11th century A.D., the revival of the early Christian eremitic and ascetic ideals led to the settling of the area while during the 14th century a number of monasteries were systematically built under extremely difficult conditions. This was the beginning of the second most important monastic community of Greece, after Mount Athos.

Today some of the monasteries are still active, while one of them, the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron built in the mid13th century A.D. is being used as a museum.

In terms of religious art, the post byzantine colorful frescoes and mosaics represent a fine sample that marks the passing to a new era during the 15th and 16th century A.D.

The wonderful view from the monasteries located on the top of the enormous rock formations is breathtaking! Most visitors are suprised by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The entire area has been characterized as a world monument of cultural heritage by Unesco.

If you wish to visit the wonderful destination of Meteora, click here!

  • The nearest town to Meteora is Kalambaka, where you will be able to find the traditional Greek taverns, coffee shops and hotels.
  • Renting a car is by far the best solution for your movements in order not to worry about the bus departures while also avoid losing precious time on your journey.

Map and photos of Meteora


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