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Mount Athos

Mount Athos is located in Halkidiki and is a little more than 120km away from Thessaloniki after the small town of “Ouranoupoli”. This is the last harbor before entering the monastic state of Athos, a place with rich history that takes us back to the 11th century AD along with its unique Aegean landscape.

You will feel like traveling back in time in a journey that you will take you to the heart of the Byzantine empire while entering a different state of mind…

Majestic landscape and historic monasteries

The breath taking beauty of the third and more distant peninsula of Halkidiki along with the several centuries old imposing architecture of the Byzantine monasteries offer a truly unique experience.

The state of Athos enjoys a certain degree of political autonomy, since it is self-governed while it is divided in 20 territories. It is considered the spiritual and monastic center of the Orthodox World while it had a significant influence on Eastern Orthodox religious art in several ways.

Moreover, the monasteries of Mount Athos are a veritable conservatory of masterpieces, ranging from wall paintings to unique portable icons, gold objects, embroideries, or illuminated manuscripts held and preserved with great pride.

  • We suggest leaving your car in Ouranoupoli just before the harbor, as the road network in most areas of the peninsula is inadequate for a passenger vehicle. Using a helicopter is by far the fastest and most impressive way to travel to Athos and discover its hidden beauties!
  • Before entering Athos you will have to come in contact with the Mount Athos Pilgrim’s Bureau concerning certain details while you will have to be prepared to deal with a certain amount of bureaucracy.
  • Serbian Monastery of Chilandari and the Russian Monastery of Agios Panteleimon make use of both Greek and the Old Church Slavonic Language. Both are considered important centers of Slavonic tradition and heritage.

Further information is available here:

Mount Athos map and photos

Mount Athos Chalkidiki

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