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Russian Monastery – Agios Panteleimon

Russian Monastery – Agios Panteleimon

Founded in 11th century A.D., Agios Panteleimon, also known as “Russian Monastery” or “Rossikon” is one of the most important and beautiful places to visit in Mount Athos for many reasons.

It is ranked 19th in the hierarchical order of Athos Community, while its main characteristic is the use of both Greek and Church Slavonic language since 1875.

Cenobitic tradition and architecture

In their everyday life the monks are following the “Cenobitic” monastic tradition which means that they live all together in a regulated community life under a commonly accepted set of rules.

The “Katholikon”, the primary church of the monastery was built in 1812 to 1821 and is devoted to the Patron Saint Panteleimon.

It is consisted of eight domes, while the exterior walls are made of dressed stone. The “Templon” is extremely well decorated and inspired of Russian religious art.

Besides the impressive architecture, what makes Agios Panteleimonas monastery unique is the use of both Greek and Slavonic language since 1875!

The style applied is similar to eastern European religious architecture. The treasures held inside the monastery include several religious icons and holy relics. Furthermore, its library hosts hundreds of books, codecs and manuscripts some of which are considered unique.

The surrounding landscape will surprise you! It’s location is considered one of the most beautiful destinations of Mount Athos in Halkidiki.

Visting Athos

All the visitors need a special permission in order to reach Mount Athos and be accepted in one of the monasteries. Unfortunately, due to religious byzantine tradition and certain rules still applied, women are not accepted in the majority of the monasteries.

Agios Panteleimon is 15km away from “Karies” the small capital of the community, while it can be reached by boat.

Usually two routes per day are available when the weather is good. Because of the monastic character of the community, most places on the peninsula are isolated, without proper roads or public transports. For this reason most visitors choose to leave their cars in “Ouranoupoli”, the last port before Athos.

Click on the following link for information about the monasteries, walking paths, accommodation and permission.




St. Panteleimon Monastery Agio Oros, 603 86, Greece


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