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Serbian Monastery – Chilandari

Serbian Monastery – Chilandari

Chilandari also known as Serbian Monastery is one of the most popular destinations of Mount Athos.

Many travelers from Serbia, Russia and the Balkan countries visit the monastery because of its rich Slavonic tradition and cultural heritage.


Along with Agios Panteleimon, the Russian monastery that also uses both Greek and Slanonic languages, Chilandari is a living piece of Slavic history and is considered to be one of the most important Orthodox monasteries.

An important spiritual center throughout the centuries

Chilandari (Hilandar) monastery is one of the oldest, most beautiful monasteries of Mount Athos.

Built in 12th century A.D. by Stephan Nemanja, Prince of Serbia, Chilandari is ranked 4th in the hierarchical order of Mount Athos.

Several Serbian princes generously supported it, while it slowly became the spiritual and religious center of the Serbs, symbolizing the continuity of the Serbian civilization.

The beautiful “Katholikon” which lies within its impressively high walls was built in 1293.The complex includes 11 chapels, a library and a treasury that hosts many rare Greek and Slavonic codecs, manuscripts and historical documents.

The Ottoman occupation in 1430 affected it in many ways.

Although its autonomy was not seriously affected, a number of difficulties occurred as many of its belonging lands were taken by force.

In addition, the support that many Serbian princes offered throughout the centuries was no longer available…

Like the majority of the destinations in Athos, it is only accessible by boat, although it is not located by the sea, but a few kilometers inside the peninsula.

A trip to one of the monasteries of Mount Athos is a unique experience in terms of religious art, architecture and of course, at a personal level for everyone.

Hilandari is not an exception…

  • The surrounding landscapes offer some amazing, breathtaking views combining the deep blue colors of the Aegean Sea and the green forests of Halkidiki!
  • The transportation options once again, are very limited. Unfortunately, female presence is generally not allowed, while a special permission is required in order to be accepted like any other monastery.

Information about your accommodation, permission and monasteries can be found on the following links:




Chilandari (Hilandar) Monastery, Agio Oros, 603 86, Greece


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