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The beautiful city of Edessa is about 90 km away from Thessaloniki. Visiting the city would be a nice experience to anyone who wishes to see Greece’s largest waterfalls and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes.

The waterfalls of Edessa are among the world natural heritage sites with one certain feature that makes them unique. In time they shifted forward thus gradually creating new caves while the majority of the waterfalls worldwide because of the erosion at a certain degree they shift backwards.

Visiting the city of water

The waterfalls of Edessa are the largest waterfalls in the Balkans. They have a little more than 70m height, being at the edge of the rock. The continuous water motion has “sculptured” the stone thus creating a unique Geologically formed water system. The tourists can visit the waterfall cave and actually see how a compact rock is eventually created by the power of water .

Back in the city, the main water stream that passes through the center has been divided into many smaller channels thus creating beautiful impressions to most of the visitors. The waterfall area is accessible by stairs that eventually lead to different points of view, while giving us the opportunity to go directly below the Waterfalls. All around the waterfall area you will easily spot some nice coffee shops and traditional restaurants.

Don’t miss the oppurtunity to try some local recipes. Prices are considered very good and the food is excellent.

  • Destinations of archaeological and religious interest are also available inside the city and nearby regions. Once again, renting a car in low prices is the ideal way to visit Edessa as you’ll be able to set your own schedule and enjoy a comfortable trip!

Map and photos of Edessa

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