standard-title Valaoritou bars district

Valaoritou bars district

The area around Valaoritou St. is an excellent destination if you want to feel the city’s rhythm and experience its nightlife like a true Thessalonian.

Valaoritou is one of the most popular areas of the city!!

It is an old commercial area which has gotten new recognition with the numerous bars, beer houses and clubs that have flourished over the past decade in its old, often beautiful neo-classical buildings, making it a hotspot for the young population.

The party goes all night long!

Among them, you’ll be sure to find your place no matter what your music taste: rock, pop, jazz, alternative, electronic, chill out. And if you’re lucky to be visiting Thessaloniki in the summer, you’ll have a wonderful experience in all the little streets of Valaoritou, Sygrou, Leontos Sofou and Fragon, filled with tables and people having fun as one big friendly crowd.

Especially after midnight, more and more people gather as the party starts and most of the bars turn into clubs as the entire place gets louder and cheerful!

For those staying at the center, the location is a big plus – not a cent wasted on buses or taxis – you can save it all for drinks, which are quite affordable anyway!










Valaoritou is on the southwest of the historical center of Thessaloniki, within walking distance from Aristotle Square (about 300m), just underneath Egnatia St.

  • Getting there on foot should not be a problem; you just take Egnatia Av. and turn south at the height of Sigrou St or Leontos Sofou St. You can always ask for directions or just let the music and the energy in the air take you there!
  • The area of Ladadika is another popular destination when it comes to nightlife. Restaurants, clubs and taverns for every taste!

Map of Valaoritou Bars District

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