standard-title Olympus Mountain

Olympus Mountain

Olympus is the highest and most famous mountain of Greece.

It is 78km away from the city of Thessaloniki and a very popular destination for both tourists and locals. It is considered ideal especially for those interested in climbing or walking, following one of the many paths available. Its canyons are also available for canyoning and other activities.

Exploring the house of the gods

Having in mind the huge variety of magnificent landscapes and countless beauties you may recall the ancient myth according to which the Gods chose this mountain as their own place to live. You will easily understand the reason, while enjoying the beautiful rivers and forests along with the breathtaking panoramic view that many paths offer!!

A truly majestic morning! Even experienced travelers will be surprised by the beauties of Olympus.

The town of Litohoro is the first stop before the mountain. It offers hotels, taverns and several places to enjoy your coffee. After that, the area of Prionia is the main initial destination before going higher to the mountain.

Olympus has more than 50 peaks above 2000m. The highest one is “Mytikas” at 2917m while other popular ones are Stefani, Skolio, Profitis Ilias and Agios Antonis.

Some other interesting places that definitely deserve your attention are the Ennipeas Canyon, Orlias Canyon, the beautiful historic monastery of Agios Dionysios and of course the archaeological site of “Dion”.

Map and photos of Olympus Mountain

Olympus Mountain

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