Wine Routes of Macedonia

Wine Routes of Macedonia

Reborn | Thessaloniki | Halkidiki | Porto Karras

Revitalize means to be reborn….

That’s exactly the feeling we had when we discovered some of the most beautiful wine routes that were created during the last 20 years and tasted some really special and beloved wines to their place of origin!

Especially when it comes to the Macedonian wine routes could have been a reference to heaven itself, not just because of the historic Mount Athos that is included as a vital part of the tour, but also because almost every region of Northern Greece has its very own, unique way to take you to another dimension!

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It is said that this is the path where hospitality meets cultural and gastronomic tradition, the love for food and wine! This is the wine path of the Macedonians! Once followed, the visitor will discover a long, centuries old winemaking tradition that leads to pure pleasure!

Many important historic domains like ‘Gerovasileiou’ offer some really interesting guided tours that include a wine tasting experience you’ll definitely love!

Wine Route of Thessaloniki

If you truly wish to discover the secrets of the Macedonian wine, the wineries of Epanomi, Kalohori, Osa and Askos Sohou are the right places to begin with! Important, historic locations like the “Gerovasileiou” domain will gladly accept you.

On the way to the four Thessalonian vineyards you will have the chance to discover several beautiful places and flavors that will exceed your expectations! The peaceful Delta Axios national park, Kalohori, the baths of Lagadas and the village of Sohos in which you’ll find some of the most delicious cheese around will definitely enrich your travel experience!

While heading towards Strymonas Gulf we’ll meet the lakes of Volvi and Koroneia. The areas of Agia Triada, Perea and Nea Mihaniona are the ones closer to Thessaloniki while our final destination will be Thermaikos and Epanomi.

Check here for our guided Wine Tours in Thessaloniki!

Halkidiki produces some outstanding wine labels that will surprise you! Some of them are considered to be of the finest quality while they are highly appreciated in many countries

Halkidiki Wine Routes

When it comes to the wine routes of Halkidiki, the vineyards of Tsantalis and Porto Karras, the Papagiannis domain in Arnea and the Epiphanios winery are some of the must go destinations as they still keep the secrets of winemaking passed down from generation to generation!

The journey begins at the village of Saint Paul, where the visitor will have the chance to explore the popular Petralona Cave. Sithonia, the second peninsula of Halkidiki comes next. It is a truly wonderful place full of majestic landscapes, crystal clear sea, quiet beaches, green forests, traditional small villages and harbors!

After reaching the impressive “Porto Karras” tourist complex located after Neos Marmaras, the tour will take place at the winery and the vineyards over the sunny hills of Melitonas. It’s well organized facilities include tennis courts, golf fields and marina while they offer a large number of sea sports and activities like sailing, mountain biking and horse riding!

In addition, the surrounding gulfs will offer you incredible views of the entire landscape! The small, traditional village of Parthenon comes next. It is a very beautiful place that came back to life after the restoration of many old houses.

Neos Marmaras is a place that doesn’t really need any further introduction. Enjoy the delicious fresh fish right by the sea and get ready for a trip back in time as the next destination is the village of Stagira, home of the famous philosopher Aristotle and finally, the area of Olympiada.

Mount Athos comes next. For the majority of the monasteries the art of winemaking a special, ancient tradition kept for centuries! It is a truly blessed location of unparalleled beauty that has its own spiritual meaning, an architectural jewel that still stands the test of time! Unfortunately due to an old Byzantine tradition that still remains in effect, female presence is generally not allowed in Athos.

Following the wine roads of Macedonia you will meet several wonderful vineyards and historic domains. Thessaloniki is the ideal place to start your adventure…

The vineyards of Porto Karras

The vineyards of the Porto Karras domain are one of the three biggest in Europe with more than 4.500 acres! Among the breathtaking landscape we can see the vineyards located in steep hillsides among the pine tree forests.

The crystal clear sea of the Toroneos gulf is gradually becoming one with the 17.000 acres of Porto Karras, while the houses in Marmaras are hiding behind Malamouzia and Limnia (an area that produces one of the oldest assortments).

The Macedonian Wine Routes will always represent a part of Greece’s soul, the heart of its beauty and nature, simply because “inos efrainei kardian” something that becomes especially clear when it comes to Macedonian wine!

So….if you feel like a true wine lover, if you want to focus on a wine tasting tour that is full of surprises, unique aromas and sophisticated flavors…..

…the next step is yours!

On your way to the vineyards of Porto Karras you’ll have the chance to enjoy the wonderful natural landscape and crystal clear sea of Sithonia, the second peninsula of Halkidiki



Gerovasivleiou Domain - Epanomi


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