Byzantine Walls – Trigoniou Tower – Heptapirgion

Byzantine Walls – Trigoniou Tower – Heptapirgion

Along with your walk to Ano Poli don’t miss the chance to have a closer look to the Byzantine fortifications that still surround part of the modern city center. You will feel like travelling back into the city’s past from within as the whole place is surrounded by history!

The city’s fortification reveals once again the importance given by every Emperor, Ruler, King or Sultan to Thessaloniki as a financial and political center, because of its strategic location.

The Walls of Thessalonica

These impressive structures were built to protect the city from raids and withstand long sieges, something that they actually did most of the times.

The city was initially fortified right after its foundation in the late 4th century BC but the present walls are dated back to the early Byzantine period around 390 AD during the reign of emperor Theodosius, while they still incorporate some parts of the earlier constructions.

Their defensive abilities are quite impressive! They were 7 kilometers long while at some points they were up to 10 meters high and almost 5 meters thick. They were decorated with various symbols like suns, crosses or carved marble inscriptions near the gates.

A number of fortresses and defensive towers were added during different periods of history like the Seven Towers Fortress (Heptapirgion) and the Tower Of Trigoniou located near the Acropolis. Several square, circle or polygon shaped towers were also built along the entire perimeter.

The Walls were still surrounding the city until the late 19th century when large parts including the entire seaward section were demolished as the Ottoman authorities were trying to change some of the city’s urban features.

Tower of Trigonion (Alysseos Tower)

Being perhaps the most imposing element of the city’s walls and one of the most popular sights in Thessaloniki the Tower of Trigonion is a medieval masterpiece. Having built in the second half of the 15th century aD it was used as an armory and an artillery tower. It was strategically placed to the precise location of the walls that had to absorb most of the pressure during a siege or raid.

Byzantine Walls Thessaloniki – The Trigonion Tower is one of the most impressive elements of the Walls and a favorite spot for tourists and photography lovers!

As the entire area is several meters high above the sea level it turned to be an excellent observatory for the city’s Akropolis. During the Ottoman rule the Tower was also known as Zincirli Kule (Chain Tower) or Kusakli Kule (Belted Tower).

While standing next to Trigoniou Tower and the Main Gate (Portara) on the highest part of the Walls you’ll have the chance to enjoy the magnificent view of the Gulf of Thermaikos and clearly see the limits of the old city which is actually today’s historic center!!

  •  Don’t miss the chance to enjoy your coffee or drink in one of the several beautiful café near the tower or try some delicacies on a local tavern. Prices are normal and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. Walking is the best way to enjoy the Byzantine Walls and the surrounding area as you’ll only need around 15 minutes to get there starting from Galerius Arch or Rotonda.




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