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Profitis Ilias

Profitis Ilias

As another beautiful addition to the city’s legacy, it is located to “Ano poli” at the crossroads of “Olympiados” street and “Profiti Ilia” street right behind the ministry of Macedonia and Thrace (“Dioikitirio”).

Dated back to second half of the 14th century A.D., it is supported by archaeologists that the temple was built over the ruins of the Byzantine Palaces of the city, after their destruction in 1342.

A Byzantine treasure in the heart of Ano Poli

Coming to the architecture, the morphology of the temple is quite impressive. The complex designs and the elaborate stonework create an imposing image.

The wall paintings inside are colorful and vibrant. A number of them that survived until today went through an extended restoration project from 1956 to 1961.

As a cruciform / cross shaped domed temple the main dome is being supported by four arches, thus forming a cross in the center, while the structure is a typical sample of the Agioritiko – Athoniko (Mount Athos) style that was further developed in Thessaloniki.

In conclusion, what makes Profitis Ilias special is that the church successfully combines a number of different elements and characteristics into a single architectural composition.

Visiting Profitis Ilias is a very pleasant experience and a chance for the traveler to further explore the Ano poli area before discovering the Byzantine Walls or “Portara”, one of the main Wall Gates. The impressive Fortress of the Seven Towers (Heptapyrgion) is also a must-go destination!

  • Beautiful bars and coffee shops, majestic view and some really nice traditional Greek taverns await you in several parts of Ano Poli.
  • Celebration: July 20



olimpiados 52, Thessaloniki


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