Pavlos Melas Monument

Pavlos Melas Monument

One of the monuments located around the White Tower area is the one of a young Greek army officer that played a key role during the troubled times of the early 20th century.

Pavlos Melas is considered to be one of the most important and heroic figures of the Greek modern history. Because of his actions he became very popular during the early stages of the Macedonian struggle and the most characteristic personality of this period (1904 – 1908).

Pavlos Melas Monument – White Tower area. Like several other important personalities, the statue of Pavlos Melas can be found in the surrounding area of the White Tower

The struggle for Macedonia

He was born in 1870 in Marseilles, France and started serving in the Greek army after his graduation from the Military Academy in 1891. After his initial efforts to further financially support the Greek struggle he traveled into the occupied part of Macedonia in Northern Greece and made serious efforts to establish, organize and equip military units in order to face the Bulgarian troops.

In October 1904 he was killed in the village of Statista after being surrounded by Ottoman forces. After his death he became a symbol for many Greeks during the difficult times of the Macedonian Struggle and the Balkan Wars. Having only a few men under his commands, Pavlos Melas represents the strength and courage displayed by many, against all odds.

This is perhaps one of the reasons that the statue devoted to his memory is placed in such a prominent position in the surrounding area of the White Tower, the symbol of the city of Thessaloniki.

  •   Just a couple of minutes away you will easily spot the Statue of another great personality that without a doubt affected a huge part of ancient Greek history, King Phillip II Of Macedon.
  •   Many of Pavlos Mela’s personal belongings can be seen in the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle in the center of Thessaloniki and the Museum named after him in the city of Kastoria.



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