King Phillip II of Macedon (382 – 336) BC

King Phillip II of Macedon (382 – 336) BC

Around the White tower area you will easily notice several statues and monuments devoted to several personalities that shaped the modern or ancient Greek history.

One of them is King Phillip the Second of Macedon, father of Alexander III of Macedon, further known as Alexander the Great. After coming to power in 360 BC Phillip methodically expanded the kingdoms political and military influence, while improved and modernized the economy.

King Phillip’s Statue – White Tower Area. King Phillip’s statue is located in the White tower area. Just a few hundred meters away you’ll find the monument of his son, Alexander III of the Macedon, also known as Alexander The Great.

Macedonian Phalanx and Alexander III

One of the most important innovations introduced by Phillip II at a military level was without any doubt the creation of Macedonian Phalanx infantry formation that was later used by his son Alexander III against the Achaemenid Empire of the Persians.

The reforms that took place under the reign of Phillip mostly focused on improving train and discipline, while the shaped formations and introduction of “Sarissa” long pike were critical for the future campaign.

Walking east by the sea after a short time you will be able to see the older Statue of Alexander the Great, one of most popular monuments and symbols of the city that is currently under reconstruction along with the surrounding seafront area.

King Phillip’s Statue – White Tower Area. A beautiful detail from the statue of King Phillip II of Macedon. According to its creators, the Corinthian helm represents the unity achieved under his reign.

  • Spend some time to visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Vergina. They definitely deserve your attention as you will be able to see wonderful gold creations and fine samples of the sophisticated Ancient Macedonian Art along with many others worth visiting exhibits.



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