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Museum of Photography Thessaloniki

Museum of Photography Thessaloniki

The Museum of Photography is the only state-run museum in Greece under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Culture that is exclusively dedicated to photography. It first opened its doors to the public in 1998.

One of the favorite hotspots for every photography lover

It can be easily found in Warehouse A in the Harbor of Thessaloniki next to the Cinema Museum, while its mission on local, national and international level is focused on planning and executing exhibition series, creating archives and collections entrusted to the museum by photographers, and of course publishing books, catalogues and other material while organizing several educational programmes for the public.

Moreover, organizing Photobiennale and the evolution of the international photography meeting Photosynkyria, as well as the establishment of prizes and the of meetings is another difficult and important task the museum has taken.

The museum itself exists as a meeting point for all those in love with art and photography, a place suitable for inspiration or discussion.

Through all these activities the Museum attempts to offer a beginner’s guide to the visual environment and, ultimately, by showing us how to “read” the images so make us familiarise ourselves with all its uses: in communication, in photojournalism, in documentary photography, and, above all, in art.

Collection, Archives & Digitization

The collections and the archives of the Museum of Photography Thessaloniki consist of more than 100.000 photographic objects. Its archives cover the period from 1890-1980 and include works by Socrates Iordanidis, Yiannis Stylianou, Dimitris Letsios and part of the archives of Costas Balafas and Nelly’s.

The museum also functions as a depository for the Greek part of the Fred Boissonnas archive which belongs to the Hellenic Culture Organization.

Its collection, based on donations and purchases, cover a period from 1970 till today and include more than 2.000 photographic works by 200 artists from Greece and abroad. The digitization of the Museum’s photographic collection and archives was acomplished with the financial aid of the program “Society of Information”.

As part of this program, most of its permanent collection was digitized as well as part of its archives.

  • In a couple of words if you are interested in photography or art it is one of the places you should definitely spend some time! In exchange for a really small fee you will be able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while the photo exhibitions will reward you.
  • Being next to the Cinema museum and really close to Aristotelous Plaza you wont have to walk more than 5 minutes to reach it. Along with the Cinema Museum it is a really good starting point before exploring the city center or having a Beautiful walk by the sea.



Warehouse A’, Port of Thessaloniki 3, Navarchou Votsi str., 54624

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