Thessaloniki Museum of Cinema

Thessaloniki Museum of Cinema

The Thessaloniki Museum of Cinema is one of the most interesting museums of the city, just a couple of minutes away from Aristotelous Square at the end of the coastal avenue. It is located in a warehouse on the first wharf of the port of Thessaloniki covering an area of 1100m.

Rare items & private collections

The museum hosts a great number of several important and rare exhibits some of which have come from private collections.

The place is a sanctuary to all the true lovers of cinema. Visitors will have the chance to see how the cinema initially started in Greece, the early first efforts of filming and producing a movie, and of course to learn more about the Golden Era of the 60’s.

Many other objects displayed there will surely impress, from several cameras and projectors originally used in famous movies, film developing tanks, lenses and newsreels to hand crafted posters, LP and CD soundtracks.

Last but not least, more than two thousand pictures from hundreds of Greek movies of all kinds are available, covering a time period of decades.

  • The relaxing atmosphere and the low ticket prices will make your visit even more pleasant.
  • Hungry or thirsty? Ladadika area is located just a few minutes away from the city’s port!



Warehouse A, Pier A, Thessaloniki 546 25

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