Villa Mordoch (Former Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki)

Villa Mordoch (Former Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki)

Villa Mordoch – former Municipal Art Gallery

In December 1986 the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki moved into its new quarters in a building located at 162 Queen Olga Street, at the corner of 25th of St. Built in 1905 by the well – known architect Xenophon Paionidis.

It is now the property of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and a fine example of the eclectic style of architecture that flourished in the city, especially in the then suburban district known as “the Towers” or “the Villas” (Exohon Quarter), at the turn of the 19th century.

The older residents of the city know it as the “Villa Mordoch”, from the name of the family who lived there during the 1930’s.

Villa Mordoch – History and Architecture

The initial owner of the building was Seifoulah Pasha, a high ranked official of the Ottoman State (divisional commander). At that time the elegant Exohon Quarter was the most aristocratic area of Thessaloniki, as the richest families from every ethnic group were living there.

The building is considered unique for its rich mixture of elements drawn from the Neo-classical, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles. They vary from one facade to the next, thus accentuating the pluralism of the structure in a surprisingly harmonic way. Also of interest is the decorative paintwork of the interior – well preserved in certain rooms – as well as the magnificent woodcarving.

The frescoes / wall paintings drawn by the artist have bright, intense colors while they are inspired by still life style and various elements from other styles. The majority of the frescoes inside the rooms is well preserved and can be easily seen / observed.

A very interesting detail is the signature of the artist in one of the frescoes/wall paintings! We can distinguish without any difficulty the name “Nouredin 1905”, something that also allow us to confirm the building’s construction date.

Many of the building’s rooms are decorated with fine ornaments and wall paintings filled with kaleidoscopic shapes, floral and other motifs!

In 1985 an extended conservation and restoration efforts took place that included the buildings decoration, the furniture and further enhancement of the building’s structure itself.

For many years the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki was hosted in Vila Mordoch before its relocation to the wonderful Vila Bianca that is also located in Vasilissis Olgas Avenue.

Inside Vila Mordoch you’ll find some really wonderful wall paintings with bright colors and beautiful motifs

The ideas behind the symbols

Like the majority of the treasures, this historic Avenue holds, Vila Mordoch is also full of important architectural and decorative details. A closer look in the old, historic house may reveal a lot of information about the people that lived in it, their ideas and the political centers they were attached to.

Vila Mordoch is an exceptional sample where the Ottoman architectural elements are dominant along with the so called Ottoman Baroque. It also features several elements of the traditional Ottoman architecture uniquely mixed with European Baroque and other styles!

The building’s most distinct and impressive feature is the onion shaped dome that is located in the Southeast side of the Vila. It is a feature that actually provides important information about the owner of the house if “read” correctly!

Today the mansion remains one of the best preserved eclecticistic buildings of Thessaloniki while it houses the offices of the 5th Municipal District and the Organization of Planning and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki.

Don’t miss the chance to discover the treasures of Vasilissis Olgas Avenue! Choose a sunny day and visit all these beautiful, historic houses to get a glimpse of the old, multicultural 19th century Thessaloniki!

Believe us, you’ll love them!!

  • While discovering the treasures of Vasilissis Olgas Avenue you’ll have the chance to visit the beautiful reconstructed New Waterfront parks that spread along the avenue! Nea Paralia is a wonderful destination especially during a sunny day, a place where you’ll have the chance to enjoy your coffee along with a majestic sunset.



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