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The Eclecticistic Treasures of Thessaloniki!

The Eclecticistic Treasures of Thessaloniki!

One of the several eclectic treasures of the city is located to the western entrance of Thessaloniki! Vila Petridi is a building that is more than a century old, while one of the few samples of eclecticism outside Vasilissis Olgas Avenue.

Like the majority of the city’s 19th century eclecticistic mansions it incorporates many different architectural styles without losing its harmony and beauty!

Its owner was a wealthy Bulgarian that left the city after the entrance of the Greek army in October 1912. In 1927 the Petridis family became the owner of the building. It was used until 1960.

After years of abandonment the building was nearly destroyed, when an extended and painful restoration effort began in 2005 by the municipality of Thessaloniki.

The fight for Thessaloniki’s architectural legacy

After several years and despite all the problems the project had to face, it finally finished in 2014. The results are amazing!! Every detail of the building’s wonderful exterior decoration has been carefully recreated.

The Lion sculptures on the building’s walls are believed to be connected with the Bulgarian national symbol that was widely used by wealthy citizens of Bulgarian origin.

One the other side of Thessaloniki heading East in Vasilissis Olgas Avenue, you will find many masterpieces that follow the architectural style of Eclecticism.

  • Each house has its own, unique story to tell! Don’t miss the chance to visit them!!
  • Learn more about the treasures of Vasilissis Olgas Avenue.




10 Anagenniseos St., Thessaloniki (Close to the courthouse - Western City Entrance)

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