Spa & Wellness Tourism

Spa & Wellness Tourism

Benefits of Spa Tourism & Balneotherapy | Pozar Thermal Springs

The benefits of Spa Tourism & Balneotherapy

Water therapy is well known for its beneficial effects on the human body since antiquity in many civilizations. In modern times it is still being practiced and followed by many people both for recreational and medical reasons.

In a healthy and aesthetically beautiful, natural environment each visitor can enjoy wonderful vacation and take care of his health while spending some quality time in various wellness related activities.

This wellness and well-being oriented kind of tourism motivate more and more travelers every year towards improving or maintaining their health and quality of life while focusing on prevention.

Greece is one of the most polular destinations in Europe when it comes to Therapeutic Tourism because of the several thermal baths and mineral springs available all over the country.


Pozar Thermal Springs

In Pella, central Macedonia there is a small traditional village called Loutraki. It is especially known for its hot springs and of course, the thermal baths of Pozar.

Being an ideal destination for mountain vacation, it is located 13km away from Aridea, 20km away from the all popular ski resort of Kaimak Tsalan and less than 100km away from the city of Thessaloniki!

While visiting the area you’ll have the chance to enjoy all the benefits of water therapy for your health combing your relaxation with several activities offered in the wider area.

Some of them include skiing in Kaimak Tsalan along with climbing, caving or hiking in Loutra area and the beautiful surrounding trails.

The hot mineral springs in Pozar stem from the depth of the Macedonian land through rocks and fossils while they are full of metal ingredients like potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium, sulfur, radium and iodine. They are also rich in gasses like oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

A visit to Pozar Wellness resort will give you the chance to discover wonderful landscapes while enjoying the beneficial effects of Balneotherapy and Positherapy.

Balneotherapy and Positherapy

The water temperature at the Pozar hot springs is 37C. It is considered ideal for bathing and drinking therapy. Balneotherapy (bathing therapy) is generally recommended as an effective treatment for neurological and dermatological diseases and gynecological, rheumatism, sciatica, bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Positherapy (water drinking therapy) on the other hand is considered effective for issues related to the kidney, liver, urinary, digestive tract and chronic gastritis, colitis, ulcers and more.

In recent years in Loutraki, Aridea, a different type of tourism is also growing rapidly, Agrotourism. This rapid growth has led to the creation of several accommodation units that offer high quality services and the chance to explore the agricultural way of life!

Having a look around you’ll also discover that the area has some really nice bars and traditional taverns along with folk art shops and various local products of great quality. A really nice way to spend some quality time and discover new flavors.

  • Over the summer season until the end of October, the Wellness resort and the entire area welcomes a large number of visitors that seek quiet and relaxation or treatment for their health issues.
  • During the winter months things get different! There are plenty of activities and sports available because of the well-organized Kaimak Tsalan ski resort. Perhaps one of the best places in Greece for every ski lover!

This combination is a very strong motive for many who wish to combine their winter vacations along with everything that Pozar has to offer!



Loutra Pozar Greece

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