Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS”

Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS”

The Center for Science Technology Museum “Noesis” is a non profit cultural and educational institution. It promotes the right environment in order for the public to familiarize with the culture of technology thus leading to a deeper understanding of science as well.

An institution devoted to science and technology

The main objective of the Center is to promote modern knowledge and its dynamic to the public through exhibitions, movies, seminars and lectures.

The brand name of the Center intends to emphasize the connection between its operation and human noesis, since the intention of its founders was to make scientific knowledge available to everybody.

The visitor participates actively in many cases, stars and learns while having fun. It Includes 40 exhibits, refered to a variety of scientific topics, such as electricity, magnetism, optics and mechanics.

Ancient Greek Technology is another important element of the exhibition as it presents data and samples for several technological achievements of ancient Greece, with models constructed according to written sources and related to construction, shipbuilding, measuring, engineering etc.

Cosmotheater and Digital Planetarium

One of the most impressive feautures of the Center is the “Cosmotheater“. A special hall with 300 seats, equipped with the largest flat screen in Greece. And this is only the beginning!

One of the main attractions is the Digital Planetarium, an impressive dome with a hemispherical screen and 25m diameter capable of accepting 150 people that makes possible the represantation of astronomical and physical phenomena, using state of the art specialized equipment related to digital projection.

A Virtual Reality Simulator capable of accepting 18 persons, which dynamically simulates various situations, such as a trip into space or at the bottom of the ocean is another impressive feature available for the guests.



6th Km. Thessaloniki - Thermi Road, 57 001

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10:30 to 15:00


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