Roman Forum Museum (Ancient Agora)

Roman Forum Museum (Ancient Agora)

At the heart of the modern city, at the center of Thessaloniki lies a museum that is literally hidden in plain sight, waiting to be discovered!

A hidden museum within the Forum

Inside the Ancient Agora in one of the busiest places of Roman Thessaloniki awaits you a museum that is located…underground! Most visitors and even some of the locals are surprised when they first realize it, since the entrance is not entirely visible.

The museum of Ancient Agora is relatively small compared to others while it is not as popular as other well known destinations like the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The museum of Ancient Agora was completed in 1999 after years of intense construction efforts. It is considered one of the latest and most modern buidings of the city.

In order to enter, the visitors have to follow the impressive ancient Roman “Cryptoporticus” arcade that used to be next to the shops of the Forum. If there’s any kind of maintenance works you’ll have to walk along the Forum’s open space that ancient Thessaloneans used to gather and head to the North Western entrance.

The importance of the museum is not due to its size or the exhibits displayed. Many of the findings that the excavations brought to light were transferred to other museums like the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

What makes this museum a great destination is the information offered to the visitors through a very clever and comprehensive way! It is very interesting and easy for everyone to understand!

The great fire, Hebrard and the Enchanted ones…

Rare info from every historic period and several events that marked Thessaloniki like the loss of the “Enchanted ones” (incantadas), Hebrar’s wonderful vision for a new city and the destructive fire of 1917 will make you deeply understand and love this city!

Detailed maps, rich representations and visual content depicting everyday life during the Roman period of Thessaloniki, the Forum itself, its people and the pre-Cassander era (before 315bc) will answer all your questions.

The Roman Forum Museum offers valuable information concerning the Roman Forum (Ancient Agora) and Ancient Thessaloniki. You’ll also have the chance to deeply understand the effect of certain major events that shaped the city, like the destructive fire of 1917.

The thriller around the excavation of the entire Forum area where the new Court House was initially planned to be built is a very interesting story itself!

A visit in the museum will make everyone understand the importance of this city and its people through a comprehensive approach that takes advantage of the great archaeological and topographical wealth.

Spend some time after exploring the Roman Forum (Ancient Agora) and believe us, you will not regret it!

  •  Just a couple of minutes away, right next to the Forum you will find several shops that offer snacks like mpougatsa, tost or calzone and other delicacies. In Olympoy St located to the North of the Forum you’ll have the chance to enjoy your coffee, drink or beer in one of the many available café.
  •  Heading south towards Aristotelous Plaza you within minutes you’ll reach one of the oldest paleo-chrirtian churches of Thessaloniki,the church of Panagia Chalkeon and the 14th century Ottoman Bey Hamam!




Museum Roman Agora Olympou 75, 546 31 Thessaloniki

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