Panagia Deksia

Panagia Deksia

Being one of the youngest temples, Panagia Deksia is located next to the Arch of Galerius within a very small distance.

Although not as historic as other temples, it is worth visiting, as you can easily spend some time there on your way to the surrounding monuments. Colorful wall paintings and icons decorate the interior, while one of them is considered to be miraculous according to the Christian tradition and stories told by the locals.

A temple with many names and legends

Built in 1956 Panagia Deksia incorporates wonderful byzantine architecture along with some modern – neo classical influences, similar to many Greek Orthodox temples.

There are many assumptions concerning the origin of the church’s name. It is widely believed though that it is due to the icon hosted in the temple, a religious artifact related to several myths and legends.

Unlike the vast majority of the byzantine religious icons, this one represents Virgin Mary holding little infant Jesus on the right side and not to the left, thus called Deksia, “Deksa” or “Dexiokratousa”. (Right handed-Right side)

  •   Right outside the building you will easily spot some really nice coffee shops. The surrounding streets like Melenikou st. or Ethinikis Aminis st. also offer a variety of different options. Several places to eat are available as well, covering every taste. The prices are reasonable since this area is the heart of the college community of the city. Of course this also means that most of these destinations are usually a bit vibrant and noisy.
  • Celebration: November 21



Egnatia 121, Thessaloniki 546 35


Opening Hours


Usually morning and afternoon hours


Usually morning and afternoon hours


Usually morning and afternoon hours


Usually morning and afternoon hours


Usually morning and afternoon hours


Usually morning and afternoon hours


Usually morning and afternoon hours

As an Orthodox Church, the temple is usually open during the morning hours and untill the evening. There may be ceremonies that take place occassionaly (weddings, baptises, etc).

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