Museum of Macedonian Struggle

Museum of Macedonian Struggle

The Museum of Macedonian Struggle is located in the center of Thessaloniki in a beautiful Neoclassical bulding of the late 19th century, originally designed by Ernst Ziller.

The museum is run by the Foundation of the Museum for the Macedonian Struggle. The most important exhibits are several uniforms, personal objects of the leaders of the Macedonian Struggle and of course, the weaponry. There are more than 1350 contemponary pictures, maps, newspapers, paintings and books.

Museum of Macadonian Struggle Thessaloniki

The museum’s foundation has created the Macedonian History Research Center that offers to researchers and anyone interested access to its archives, sophisticated library and digital databases. It also publishes several scientific and historic studies whileo oganizing conferences and workshops that focus on the Macedonian Issue and the wider region history.

On the first floor there is an audio-visual introduction devoted to the history of Macedonia. In the basement the visitor can watch scenes from the Struggle and life at the beginnings of the 20th century.

Museum themes and activities

  • There are seven different rooms grouped as follows:
  • Macedonia before the outbreak of the Struggle
  • The Struggle in Western Macedonia
  • The people’s role during the Struggle
  • The Strunggle in the central and eastern Macedonia
  • The Strunggle in the Yannitsa Marshes
  • The events in Macedonia after the revolution of the Young Turks

The museum also offers several other activities like some really interesting educational games, public guided tours and a lending department of photographic displays and video films.



Proxenou Koromila 23, Thessaloniki 546 22

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Opening Hours


9.00 to 14.00


9.00 to 14.00


9.00 to 14.00


9.00 to 14.00


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10.00 to 14.00



The adminidtrative office and the Macedonian History Research Center will be open Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 14.00 .

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