Keeping the budget low!

Keeping the budget low!

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6 ways to keep your budget low!

Low budget 101 (The basic stuff!)

Like many other cities in Europe, a visit to Thessaloniki can cost you a small fortune within a few days or much less if you carefully plan where to spend your available budget!

There are some really good tips that will give you the chance to enjoy the city’s museums and sightseeing, its nightlife and cuisine, without ending up with an empty wallet!

Welcome to Thessaloniki!

Once landing to the airport you’ll have the option of taking a taxi to take you to the hotel, or even rent a car in reasonable prices. However, the most budget friendly option by far is to use the city’s urban transportation system.

There are two bus lines with that will take you directly to the city center at a very low cost, quickly and in comfort. A wise choice, especially if you don’t have much luggage.

If you love your bike, the Nea Paralia waterfront is the ideal place for you! You’ll have the chance to cover large distances in just a few minutes!

Moving in the city / city center

We’re saying this all the time and we insist! This city is meant to be walked! The majority of the most important and popular destinations are gathered in the city center while the distance between them is usually small and walkable.

If your desired destination is located way too far, keep in mind that purchasing a two, three or four trip ticket will give you the freedom of unlimited travel using every bus line available.

If you are a bike lover you will be surprised by the city’s waterfront and Nea Paralia area. It will give you the opportunity to cover a great distance within minutes!

Budget Accommodation

If you have in mind fancy five-stars rated hotels with your own pool and spa than this is probably not the right article for you!

There are many descent places to stay in Thessaloniki, even though they are not as popular as their big brothers, they provide quality accommodation in very reasonable prices that will help us keep our budget low!

Such economy / budget hotels and hostels located in the city center, near the Aristotle University, in Ano Poli, in Valaoritou Area and the west part of Egnatia Avenue.

Of course if you have planned your visit you should book your accommodation online as early as possible or look for last minute’s offers!

The Museum of Byzantine Culture and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki offer a combined ticket that will grant you full access for 15 euros or less (8 euros reduced price)!

Museums and Sightseeing

A good idea would be the purchase of the all-inclusive ticket that is available for some of the most popular and important museums of the city like the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Culture!

Click here for the special ticket package. It will save you time and money plus the museums and spaces included are impressive, worth visiting destinations.

In addition, there are several tourist destinations that don’t require any ticket at all while open to the public! Some of them include the wonderful Byzantine temple of Agia Sophia and the Catacombs of Saint John located in the same area, Agios Dimitrios, and the Underground Crypt beneath the temple!

Around the area of Rotonda you’ll find delicious pizza for 1 euro while several taverns all around the center of Thessaloniki offer special menus for 10 euros and the traditional gyros for less than 3 euros.

Food and Night Life!

While the classic street food options are always available, nowadays you will also find many small fast food restaurants that also serve coffee and hot dogs at really low prices, especially if you’ll take it “on the go”.

Around Rotonda area there are several places that serve excellent pizza or delicious calzone’s, club sandwiches, and toasts at very good prices (1€ to 2€), while Navarino Square south of Kamara (Galerius Arch) is full of creperies.

If you are a faithful follower of retsina or red wine, the historic Bit Bazaar plaza is just the place for you! Once there, you can also try a wide variety of mezedes, the popular small dishes of Greek delicacies along with ouzo or tsipouro!

  • If you are a tavern lover you can always have a look about standard menu offers by many restaurants and taverns. The quality remains the same, while the price is set by the beginning at 10 or 12 euros per person if ordering by a specific menu regardless of the number of dishes!
  • The area of Ladadika is another popular destination with many restaurants and taverns. Great atmoshere and vibes, but usually a bit more expensive. The price range is around 15€ – 18€ per person.



Rotunda Thessaloniki (Center)

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