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First published on ForSomethinMore Hong Kong For Kids Is Amazing What’s in Hong Kong for kids? In short, just about anything you’d like! From indoor activities to outdoor adventures, exploring Hong Kong with kids can be as active or relaxing as you’d like. There are lots of free options, and many that also come with […]

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How to find the best places to eat in Rome

By CarpediemRome Everyone comes to Rome with high expectations about the food, and rightly so, but how do you find the best places to eat in Rome? There are thousands of places to choose from to eat in Rome, a trattoria, ristorante, tavola calda… what do they all mean, what kind of establishment should you […]

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Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek and Revdanda Beach Camping

Overview About Dudhsagar Waterfall 2017:Dudhsagar waterfall is located in the middle of a forest on the Goa-Karnataka border. It is a four tiered waterfall with different ways to reach each level. The bottom of the waterfall is accessible through the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. The forest department runs a 4WD service through the sanctuary up to […]

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Backpacking Cairo: Culture, Transportation and Neighborhoods

Written by Moheb Wessa from The Wanderer Pharaoh Egypt has more than ancient temples, historical sites, museums, and beaches. It offers authentic experiences, a wide variety of adventures, and unique culture. And that’s why most travelers decide to spend a few days in the Egyptian Capital Cairo. Not only to visit the famous Giza Pyramids […]

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Auroville – Pondicherry

First published on SmileyTraveller Auroville – a town with no Religion, no Racism, no boundation of Countries and a place for youth that never ages. Auroville is an experimental town located aprrox 9 km from Pondicherry on the Chennai Road ( ECR Road ), this place is very beautiful and very much connected to nature, it […]

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14 Things to know about Morocco

First published on M&W JustTravel! 1. Entry Citizens of the EU require a passport to enter Morocco, which must be valid for at least 6 months after the trip. When entering Morocco, you will receive a (free) stamp in your passport, together with a number: this number is the personal number for the entire stay in […]

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Budapest on a Budget- Things to do on your next trip to Budapest!

Article by Amish Agarwal first published on mynomadiclifestyle.com We all have heard of the popular box office hit, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’ Still, the real Budapest, located in Hungary, has an entirely different tale to tell for travelers. Budapest is incomplete without the Danube River. The Hungarian capital is divided into two zones, Buda and […]

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Unique Stay in Hanga Roa with Rapa Nui People, Easter Island

Written by Annelise from www.travelinculture.com We are flying into Easter Island after a 3,700 km long journey across the ocean. From the aircraft, we discover the contours of an island which a moment later turns into solid land beneath the wheels. Finally, I’m going to see the famous statues, I have heard so much about. […]

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Jonny’s Travel Spots: Bali

The article was written by Jonny for LifeLowDown Bali is a very special island. The culture and scenic landscape is quite extraordinary. The local people are so friendly and welcoming. There is a great sense of happiness and extremely positive vibes all around Bali. It really is one of the most unique destinations I have […]

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