Discovering Italy, the Mediterranean, and beyond – ShegoWandering

Discovering Italy, the Mediterranean, and beyond – ShegoWandering

Italy has been a dream of a young girl, then it became the biggest inspiration, and the purpose of this young girl’s life. ShegoWandering travel blog started because of this country. I found my passion, my hobby, and my dream job thanks to one of the most stunning European cities, Rome.

What first started as a girl trip with my best friend has now become the purpose of everything I’m doing. Trough my forever developing passion and curiosity for Italy, and the Italian culture, I decided to start a blog, where I can show people all the reasons I first fall in love, and to extend this on more destinations.

The reason I’m so beyond passionate about the Mediterranean in usual is simple.

First, the history!

As a history major, who’s favorite hobby was to collect and read all the affordable and reliable, objective history books I found anywhere I traveled, the Mediterranean is the place where you’re always surrounded with a rich history of thousands of years. See ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and continuing all this with a very colorful middle age of the Italian peninsula and Spain, that’s been invaded by the Moorish. This is how Spain became the second of my favorite countries in the area, especially the South, Andalusia, where the heritage of the Moorish dynasty is really rich. The orange city, Seville, Granada, and many other beautiful places around, with amazing Mudejar architecture, the Flamenco artform, won my heart quickly.

The second reason is the architecture, which is again related to history, as we can discover monuments, buildings, towns and cities from all ages around these countries.

As the third reason, it’s the weather, the colors, the mindset, and culture! There’s no way we could visit any of the countries in the Mediterranean and come back home with a bitter taste because the weather wasn’t good or we weren’t surrounded by beautiful colors, landscapes, or architecture that blew our minds. Just think about the temples in Greece, the Pantheon in Rome, the Theatre of Taormina, or the Real Alcazar in Seville.

There are obviously much more than these mentioned above!

Another gift, another passion I have discovered while traveling around these places was photography. Mostly landscape, architecture, and travel photography. With time, my main purpose was to try and reflect through my photos the vibes, the colors, the lights, and the warm feeling I had while I’ve been discovering the Mediterranean.

If you want to learn more about Italy, Spain, the Mediterranean, and beyond, my articles on ShegoWandering will take you to these colorful places, and I hope they will also inspire you to discover them on your own!