Greece by a Greek

Greece by a Greek

Greece, of course, is not only Thessaloniki. It is the people, their culture, traditions, and of course, delicious food! There is not a better way to discover all the above than having a Greek as a friend! Helen and her husband are the people that you are looking for while their incredible blog will help you to find the secrets of our homeland!

You will find everything you are seeking to, from Activities in the West in Ionian, to what you should try eating in the Dodecanese in the East

As Eleni says

“I love Greece. Not just because it’s my home country but I truly believe it’s a country full of secrets and wonderful surprises wherever you decide to go. My goal is to show you parts of it, including traditions, customs and food specialities through a local’s experience. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Would you forget visiting their website? For sure no! Greece by a Greek!

Greece by a Greek” is there to help you organize your vacations in Greece so do not lose the opportunity to follow her on Social media and of course visit her page before your vacations!



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