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Bit Bazaar

ThBit Bazaar Thessaloniki In the Night 1Another popular destination especially when it comes to Thessaloniki's youth and college community is the old Bit Bazaar located north of Aristotelous plaza, about 300m east of the Roman Forum.

Unlike Athonos plaza and Ladadika area, Bit Bazaar is not an obvious, easy to find location.

On the contrary, although it has several different entrances, the main plaza is surrounded by tall buildings thus making it difficult to be seen. Don’t hesitate to ask some of the locals in order to explain you how to get there.

Bit Pazaar is relatively popular, especially among young people. Back in 1928 when thousands of immigrants from Asia Minor settled in this part of the city, a number of buildings were constructed in order for the housing needs to be covered. Most of them had small shops on the ground floor.

During the last decades several of them were used as antique shops as the whole place was being used as a market.

Today many traditional little taverns that serve wine, retsina and small dishes of delicacies (mezedes) have taken their place. Although a bit noisy sometimes, the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Having a little more wine than usual is essential in order to feel the spirit. Because of the low prices and its location it is mostly preferred by college students

  Βιt Bazaar is definitely one of the places to visit when the weather becomes warmer in Thessaloniki. You will be able to find a seat outside and enjoy the whole atmosphere that becomes even more pleasant.

  Following Olympou str. while heading west is the easier way to find the location without getting lost...Give it a chance and it will be quite a surprise!

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